Bring your ideas to life
with compelling visuals!

Bring your ideas to life with compelling visuals!

Transform your next meeting from a moment into a MOVEMENT. 
Mobilize people into action, and build momentum behind your mission. 

Ready to elevate your next event?


When you're gathering people together to raise awareness for an important cause, how do you help people to "get it", connect and work together to advance your shared mission?

Our work creates a visually immersive experience with a ripple effect of engagement, understanding and positive change!

Picture this: A dynamic way to capture ideas, engage audiences, and spark creativity all-in-one. With live scribing your concepts come alive in real time on large boards or displays, making complex information easily digestible.

Since 2017, Picture it Possible, led by Belinda Jackson, has been transforming event content into visual journeys that inform, inspire, and drive social change—one drawing at a time.

Welcome to Live Scribing by Picture it Possible

Are you ready to inspire people into action ?

Belinda's work is iconic. The graphic recordings were a
conversation starter between sessions for attendees.
We were simply blown away by the final product!


"Picture it  Possible elevated our entire conference experience!"

You've invested the time and effort to bring people together to achieve a goal and make a positive impact on the world. There's so much information you are planning to give that you may not have spent as much time reflecting on your audience's experience of receiving!

Our live scribing charts make sure that your ideas resonate long after the meeting ends. Participants can revisit the visual record of your event to deepen their insight, reaffirm their understanding, and keep the vibe of the conversation ALIVE!

We transform spoken words into colorful masterpieces!

Imagine your event’s core messages circulating on social media, sparking dialogues, and inspiring action on a global scale!

let us draw for you ...

Live Scribing by Picture it Possible


 Our professional graphic recorders are not just artists, they are visual scribes, and deep listeners, who capture the essence of your ideas and illustrate them in real-time.

Live, on-site illustrations (or graphic recordings) are created to document presentations by synthesizing important data points and ideas.
Our standard materials include large paper sheets or foam boards, markers, and pastels!

Digital live scribing, also known as digital graphic recording, is the perfect solution for providing a visual summary when you're not able to get your team together in one place. 

Digital capture not only supports content–sharing during and after your event, but also enables facilitators to manage the process and participant engagement throughout.

Service Options

Large Format
[live scribing]

[live scribing]



The lifespan of your ideas doesn't end when the meeting does. We provide high-resolution, shareable images of the visual records, and offer digital LookBooks to extend the reach of your conversations and ideas, making them easy to revisit and share. 

Interactive walls encourage dialogue, and feedback between the event hosts, and participants. Poll the group, develop solutions, curate ideas and uncover new perspectives.

Event LookBooks & Interactive Walls



Mobilize your audience and get them to take action - together.

How does this sound?

Infuse your campaign with fresh, shareable visual summaries to amplify your message on social!



the results you're going to get:

Increase learning! Participants retain more content than traditional slide deck driven conferences & trainings.


Invigorate speakers and attract new voices through empowering images of their words coming to life!


Motivate participants to become actively involved in advancing your mission.




You receive your final charts or images (digital services) within
2 business days of your event.


We set up our work station and capture content based on your live scribing plan. We love chatting with participants during breaks!


Complete our estimate form.
Review & sign your agreement to reserve your date(s). Schedule your
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How It Works

"I wanted to provide something memorable and different. ...Our conference goers love when we post the (visual notes) from the conferences Belinda has scribed!"


ENGAGED 400+ Attendees


"All of the Believe Big Again speakers saw their own words COME ALIVE!
Her gift left an echo and imprint of excellence for those that attended."




real results

Why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your meetings with live scribing?

So let's get started!

"Belinda’s work is spectacular and oh-so-fun! 

We commissioned her to add an interactive element to our annual Women's Venture Summit in 2021. We wanted something that we could share with our audience in-the-moment, but that also capture the importance of our data-driven discussion for a take-away memorandum." 



Yes, It Really Works

"Simply put: Belinda is phenomenal! The work was visually stunning and captured the ethos of the meeting perfectly.

Belinda was present during planning meetings, helped design a portion of the convening (world cafe session), and did graphic note taking. Do not hesitate to hire her, she has undeniable gifts that will make your work even better. I cannot recommend her highly enough."



You might say that visual thinking is our SUPERPOWER.

We bring meetings and events to LIFE with drawings that are vibrant, impactful, and full of personality!

When we're done, everyone walks away with a vivid, visual summary of the event. 

So, if you want to use visual learning to help your ideas to SHINE, we'd love to join your event team. 

Hosting engaging and impactful events just got easier! You don't want a performance gimmick. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You see... You're in the right place.

"Pictures are a powerful tool for creating positive change."

— Belinda Jackson

Simplifying Complex Information

Live scribing provides a universal language that transcends barriers. It allows diverse audiences to access and contribute to the conversation.

Fostering Collaboration

A skilled graphic recorder captures the essence of your event, meeting or focus group in real-time. The dynamic visuals not only hold attention but also encourage active participation.

Enhancing Participation

Showcasing Innovation

Creating a Lasting Impact

Inspiring Action

live scribing helps leaders mobilize their bold vision for change by...  


Social impact topics often involve intricate details, including statistics, research findings, and multifaceted strategies. Live scribing distills data making it easier for your audience to grasp and retain it.

First impressions are important! Incorporating live scribing at your event signals that your organization is innovative and forward-thinking. It shows thoughtfulness and care for the people you are gathering together!

Attendees can refer back to graphic recordings and share them across social media platforms, newsletters, and reports, amplifying your message and extending your reach.

The insights and solutions shared during your event are memorialized in pictures and will continue to inspire action long after the conference ends.

I'm Belinda, the newest member
of your event marketing team.

I've been doodling since I was a child (even using church offering envelopes as my sketchpad).
My parents were servant leaders who modeled what it means to give-back to your community.

Today, I combine these experiences & abilities with 20+ years in education and non-profit leadership, to help social impact organizations increase their reach using pictures!

When it comes to dropping creative visual thinking elements into your event marketing plan - I've got you covered!

hey there!

PLAN AN immersive
event experience





Letting go of the "we've-always-done-it-this-way" mindset.

Hosting a transformative gathering that lights people up.

Cultivating a collaborative environment.

Making content more accessible by infusing different modalities, including visual learning.

Thinking beyond logistics & focusing more on what people will experience.

Feeling more confident about participants taking ownership of information to impact change.

If you want THIS to be the year that your organization commits to:



What are live scribing & graphic recording all about?

It is a skill of listening, artistic expression and real-time capture of meetings, keynote speeches, trainings and group discussions using images and words. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events can benefit from live scribing?

Live scribing is versatile and can enhance a wide variety of events, including conferences, workshops, brainstorming sessions, strategic planning meetings, retreats, seminars, and more. Read What to Expect from Live Scribing for more info.

Is graphic recording a well-known profession?

Live scribing, a.k.a., graphic recording, is a respected profession that is growing and expanding its reach through organizations like the IFVP - International Forum of Visual Practitioners!

How can I become a visual scribe or graphic recorder?

Picture it Possible launched VIZ THINK LAB, an online learning community for visual thinkers, in 2021. Learn the basics of visual notetaking, how to level up your flip charts or join our Beta project, Live Scribe School (An 8-Week Intensive for Aspiring Graphic Recorders, launching in the Fall 2024).

How do I choose the right visual scribe for my event?

Review their portfolio to determine if their style aligns with your event's tone and objectives. Look for professionals with experience in your industry and positive client testimonials.

What happens if there are concurrent sessions or breakout groups?

We can provide comprehensive coverage of multiple sessions by working with a team of visual scribes. Many of our clients opt to focus on the whole group share-out to create one summary chart capturing the highlights of each group.

Is live scribing expensive?

The unique and lasting impact of visually captured content often outweighs the initial expense, making it a smart choice for organizations aiming to maximize the effectiveness of their events. Click here for a complimentary quote.

How are visual charts used after a conference or meeting?

Think of the charts as visual artifacts. Our clients have repurposed charts as digital look books, printed/framed gifts for speakers, reference pdfs for intranet sites and learning platforms to accompany session recordings, creative photo booth back drops, thank you notes, mouse pads, the possibilities are endless! 

What's the difference between a visual scribe (graphic recorder) and a graphic facilitator?

A graphic recorder listens to discussions and synthesizes the information into visual notes that can include images, text, and symbols. These visual summaries often serve as a record of the conversation, providing participants with a tangible reference to revisit and reflect upon.

A graphic facilitator actively guides the process of a meeting or workshop, using visual tools to help participants think, plan, and make decisions.
Visit to learn more about our workshop offerings and our approach to meeting facilitation!

*Viz Think Lab is launching an Intro to Graphic Facilitation online workshop this fall. 

Belinda, what makes Picture it Possible unique compared to other graphic recording agencies?

Although I launched PIP 7 years ago, I have over 20 years experience in the social impact sector working with CEOs and leaders  of community action organizations, government agencies, boards, schools, foundations, and universities.

I understand the complexity that comes with transforming the social landscape and have witnessed firsthand the transformative benefits of doing good. I illuminate your work in ways that resonate & inspire!

Above all, PIP's values (integrity, transparency, responsibility, igniting child-like wonder, and creating life giving structures) are infused into everything we touch.  

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